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Night scene lighting design theory

Night scene lighting design theory

(Summary description)When the construction site partition wall is completed, the first thing we need to do is to pull all the lamps we designed to the construction site.

Night scene lighting design theory

(Summary description)When the construction site partition wall is completed, the first thing we need to do is to pull all the lamps we designed to the construction site.


Lighting method:
When the construction site partition wall is completed, the first thing we need to do is to pull all the lamps we designed to the construction site.
Prepare a telescopic pole. Any type of lamps can be installed in front of the telescopic pole. The preliminary test of the lighting effect is carried out according to the lighting design drawing. This is the most effective and special method.

Types of lamps:
For me, there is no longer any kind of lighting. The kind is for designers who are just getting started to distinguish the lighting.

About special effects:
If you don't want to copy or copy other people's designs, the first step you need to do is to develop lighting. You have to remember: the difference between lighting and lighting design is the concept of heaven and earth. The research of special effects is more complicated. If you don't even have the knowledge of lighting, then you can't see how the host's things are designed. The components of special effects: chip, effect film, motor, lens. If you already understand how to design the lighting, the lighting is like the strokes in your hand.

About aging design:
The aging design is to install a sensor in the light part to adjust the light and change the rhythm according to the number of people.

Light spot:
The light spot is a method of softening yin and yang, and it is the key to reflect the strength of the relationship between light and darkness.

Light and shadow structure:
The relationship between light and shadow is most important to reflect the structure of the model, and the spot is to reflect the level of the space. Therefore, we must be very clear that those are the objects to be expressed.

Reflection and shadow:
The use of reflective materials is designed according to the style of the design itself. You can paste the glass tape film on the mirror and break it with a hammer as a reflective material, the effect will be like static water. If you press on the glass hemisphere It becomes a water pattern with a weak light angle. There is no reflector specially designed for you in the market. Only by doing it yourself can you have a good work. The shape of the shadow can be artistically exaggerated, and we can deepen the rich color of the shadow by reflecting again degree.

Lighting and material:
Lights and materials are often contradictory. The easiest way is to shine the light on the material you have selected to estimate its final effect. In this way, the collision of materials and lights can be avoided.

Light color::
The grasp of the light color is to define the success or failure of the final effect of the design itself. Because the light source standards produced by each manufacturer are different, the best solution is to add color filters on the surface of the lamp. This can adjust any color light source to achieve Effects you can't imagine.

Light texture:
In movie blockbusters, we often watch very wonderful lighting effects. This is because lighting special effects artists add lighting texture films in front of the lights. Its existence and function is to change the harsh environment and "dress and wear a hat" for the environment. The environment is virtual and real.

Desire of light:
Successful lighting design can dominate people’s happiness, anger, sorrow, and joy. Sometimes lighting is like music, sometimes it is a doctor. Remember that lighting is the leader to express the spirit of the place. It can make a wall "full of reading" "The Book of Songs" can also make a wall "lonely and wretched."

Light medium:
The light is a pen, and the medium is paper. It is impossible to express with a good pen without suitable paper. Air is our most commonly used medium. Such as: artificial cloud, carbon dioxide, artificial atomization, snow. This is where we are on stage. The most common thing in art. We often use the most direct method to express the light art without spreading through the medium. This is a very failure.

Future lighting design mode:
With the loss of traditional culture and the process of urbanization, the human soul is extremely empty. Therefore, the light of the future is: the light concept of "back in time"
The lighting design of "back in time" can trace the good times of your childhood, and you can recall Lu Xun's Baicao Garden together. Let people outline the light and shadow of the era that can no longer be found.

About the light control system:

1. Scene function
The required lighting scene is input into the dimming module in advance. When using it, the user only needs to press a button to call the corresponding scene to achieve the fade-in and fade-out effect.

2. Time switch function
The dimming module can open or close the corresponding scene according to the time input by the user in advance.

3. Telephone control function
The lights can be controlled by phone.

4. Infrared remote control
The infrared remote control device can increase the effect of controlling the lighting scene, realizing convenient and quick operation.

5. Sunshine sensing function
Automatically adjust indoor lighting scene changes through outdoor daylight to meet illuminance requirements.

6. Occupancy sensing function
Sensing people in the area to automatically change the lighting scene to achieve the ideal illuminance.

7. Control the air conditioning system
The system provides dry contact control signal output interface to control indoor air conditioning and equipment.

8. The dimming system can be integrated with the alarm and fire protection system
The dimming system can be integrated with other systems such as security, fire protection, and alarm systems.

9. Interactive performance
Interactive control between the system and audio, TV, and VOD systems.
In addition, it can also be connected to the console lamp console for contact control

Lighting design for entertainment venues:
At present, the lighting used in most entertainment venues is basically unimproved LED and optical fiber. People will be numb if they use more. Therefore, new lighting design has become the desire of many designs.

Lobby lighting design:
If the guest does not comment on your work within 10 seconds of entering the lobby, then your design is a failure. In other words, within 10 seconds, you have to bring guests a surprisingly unpredictable concept. For example, the screen disappears and the smoke disappears. , Lightning strikes, ground traps, and other visual arts that bring illusion art!

Aisle lighting design:
The lighting design of the aisle must be divided into areas, that is to say, the high, medium and low grades of the guests are divided by the lighting, so that the guests can distinguish different consumption levels through the lighting design. And the lighting of different areas must be interactive.

About private room lighting:

1. Surface light: the light cast down from the top and the front, the main function is to select characters and illuminate.
2. Modeling light: Divided into upper and lower layers to enhance the three-dimensional sense of the scenery.
3. Dynamic light: Two or more side projections, mainly to adjust the entertainment atmosphere.
4. Top light: From front to back, it is divided into one row, two rows, etc. The main fruit and wine are irradiated at a fixed point, and the top light is mainly used to solve the problem.
5. Backlight: The light projected from the reverse direction is used to outline the contours of characters and scenes to enhance the sense of three-dimensionality and transparency.
6. Ground light: In the middle of the stage, it mainly enhances the three-dimensional sense and mobilizes the entertainment climax.

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