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The grouping of lamps and the selection of lighting console

The group arrangement of stage and dance floor lamps and the selection of light control equipment are a key issue in the combination of art and technology.

Six Development Trends of China's Commercial Performance Market

In 2015, there were 166,000 commercial performances nationwide, an increase of 12.5% over 2014;

Observation of the stage art industry under the luxury restriction order

"Affected by the'Luxury Restriction Order', the number of parties accepted by the unit is now reduced by half, and the income of stage art companies is calculated based on performance, so it has also been reduced by half." Although the income is less, I have become a stage designer with ease. , I still don’t want to lose this stable job, even if the business is bleak, I have to bear it quietly. In August last year, since the implementation of the “Luxury Restriction Order” that “stopped extravagance and initiated frugal evening parties”, the once-a-profit and beautiful stage performance profession was the first to bear the brunt and was affected.

Stage lighting technology-stage color light

The lighting design uses color light to cooperate with the performance to create a stage atmosphere, which is a complicated artistic creation process. This process reflects the designer's artistic accomplishment and technical experience. Different content and form of performances have different lighting designs, and there are almost no fixed methods and skills. Below we will introduce several methods and techniques for using stage color light in stage lighting technology.

Common light positions of stage lighting

If you want to configure professional stage lights, you must first understand the common light positions of stage lights. This is an important part of the correct selection of configuration.

The first international lighting museum settled in Guangzhou

On March 2, 2016, the first "International Lighting Museum" settled in Guangzhou was officially opened. Dan Redler, the founder of the International Lighting Museum, Zhu Xincun, Chairman of the China Performing Arts Equipment Technology Association, Professor Jin Changlie, a leader in the lighting industry, Yang Guiling, Director of the Cultural Market and Industry Division of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Culture, and the Vice-Chairman of the Chinese Society of Stage Art Zhang Xu, Chairman and Secretary-General, Ji Qiao, Vice President of China Society of Stage Art, and Li Honghong, Chairman of Production Art (Lighting) Working Committee of China Radio and Television Association, unveiled the museum.
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