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Marketing planning book template

The structure of a complete marketing plan is divided into two parts: one is the analysis of market conditions, and the other is the body of the plan.

Case Analysis of Night Drinks Marketing

I don't know when the night has been related to wine. When night falls, wine gradually becomes the protagonist of the city, bringing the whole city into a feasting trance. The rise of urban nightlife has brought another consumer culture-nightclub culture, which has become the base of urban fashion elites. The rise of bars and other nightclubs has led to a trend of alcohol consumption that is different from traditional channels. There is a paradise that advertises fashion and passion. There is a different culture of alcohol. There, traditional marketing methods cannot attract any attention. No matter how bold and exaggerated the innovation is, never go too far.

Essentials of night show planning and preparation

The design and planning of the night show are the key points of the night show. It determines the lifeline of the night show and becomes the standard and criterion for the owner to evaluate the designer.

Several common troubleshooting of computer lights

Computer lamps are an important type of lamps. In performing arts activities, it plays a role in setting off the atmosphere, rendering the stage mood, and mobilizing the mood of the scene, so it is widely used.

Precautions for the installation of LED lamps

The decoration design of mainstream entertainment venues such as KTV, bars, nightclubs and other night venues cannot be separated from LED lighting. LED has penetrated into our lives and added infinite elegance to our city. The following are some things that should be paid attention to when installing LED in stage lighting design.

Research on the Status Quo of Leisure Culture of Kunming Urban Bar

With the integration of Chinese and Western cultures after the reform and opening up, with the continuous improvement of social progress and human civilization and the rapid development of urban culture, bars have developed rapidly after entering my country, especially in developed areas such as Beijing and Shanghai. In general, the night sky of the city is inseparable from bars, and people need to forget and indulge in the busyness. At present, the bar industry market shows great development potential. The prosperity of entertainment venues has a driving effect on the local economy, including the promotion of tourism and investment. The level of development of nightlife, for a city, means to a large extent Its economic development, openness and attractiveness.
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