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Marketing planning book template

The structure of a complete marketing plan is divided into two parts: one is the analysis of market conditions, and the other is the body of the plan.

Case Analysis of Night Drinks Marketing

I don't know when the night has been related to wine. When night falls, wine gradually becomes the protagonist of the city, bringing the whole city into a feasting trance. The rise of urban nightlife has brought another consumer culture-nightclub culture, which has become the base of urban fashion elites. The rise of bars and other nightclubs has led to a trend of alcohol consumption that is different from traditional channels. There is a paradise that advertises fashion and passion. There is a different culture of alcohol. There, traditional marketing methods cannot attract any attention. No matter how bold and exaggerated the innovation is, never go too far.

Essentials of night show planning and preparation

The design and planning of the night show are the key points of the night show. It determines the lifeline of the night show and becomes the standard and criterion for the owner to evaluate the designer.

Identify target customers and analyze the market environment

The first step of any marketing plan is to select the market and identify the target customer group; the second is to determine the products and services that the target customer group needs to purchase. If these two basic elements are confirmed, then the problem of attracting customers and selling products will be solved. This is true whether it is planning to build a new bar or transforming an old bar that has lost its vitality.

Bar Management Planning Book

To be successful in investing in a bar, you must first understand the development process of the bar, predict the development direction of the bar, formulate planning plans and business methods in different periods, understand the consumption mentality and consumption habits of consumers at different stages of development, and formulate different business models and marketing Means, follow the law of bar development, accurately predict the market, lead the entertainment trend, and bar investment can get an efficient return.

Essential knowledge for management majors

1. Butterfly effect: In the 1970s, a meteorologist named Lorenz in the United States explained the air system theory that a butterfly's wings in the Amazon rainforest occasionally vibrated, and perhaps two weeks later, it would cause an event in Texas. tornado. The butterfly effect means that a very small change in the initial conditions will be continuously amplified, which will make a huge difference in its future state. Some trivial matters can be confused, and some trivial matters, if amplified by the system, are very important to an organization and a country, so you should not be confused.
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