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Bar Management Planning Book

Bar Management Planning Book

(Summary description)To be successful in investing in a bar, you must first understand the development process of the bar, predict the development direction of the bar, formulate planning plans and business methods in different periods, understand the consumption mentality and consumption habits of consumers at different stages of development, and formulate different business models and marketing Means, follow the law of bar development, accurately predict the market, lead the entertainment trend, and bar investment can get an efficient return.

Bar Management Planning Book

(Summary description)To be successful in investing in a bar, you must first understand the development process of the bar, predict the development direction of the bar, formulate planning plans and business methods in different periods, understand the consumption mentality and consumption habits of consumers at different stages of development, and formulate different business models and marketing Means, follow the law of bar development, accurately predict the market, lead the entertainment trend, and bar investment can get an efficient return.


To be successful in investing in a bar, you must first understand the development process of the bar, predict the development direction of the bar, formulate planning plans and business methods in different periods, understand the consumption mentality and consumption habits of consumers at different stages of development, and formulate different business models and marketing Means, follow the law of bar development, accurately predict the market, lead the entertainment trend, and bar investment can get an efficient return.

Master the characteristics of bar culture

  The bar is a very important part of Canadians' lives. Many people regard the bar as an indispensable part of their lives, and some people even soak in the bar all day apart from sleeping and become alcoholics. The vast majority of people regard bars as places to socialize, entertain and eat. The communication of Westerners is often carried out in bars, unlike the Chinese who like to lead friends to play at home. Many important gatherings of Westerners, such as birthday parties, wedding commemorative parties, etc., are held in bars. Understanding the characteristics of bar culture enables us to truly understand the purpose and thoughts of customers entering the bar, understand the consumer behavior and differences between bar customers and general grocery store customers, and formulate our own operating principles and norms.

Understand the necessity of bar management and supervision

  The government implements strict supervision on the operation of bars based on the cultural characteristics of bars. From wine making to wholesale, from retail to consumption, a series of policies and regulations have been formulated. The liquor licensing system is a very effective governance system. Any place that sells alcohol content must hold a liquor license. For example, the beer store's liquor license only sells beer, but beer is not allowed in the store. For the small bar liquor license, the beer or liquor sold can only be drunk in the store and cannot be taken out. The beer operating time at the bar shall not be earlier than 11:00 Am at the earliest, and shall not exceed 2:00 Pm (early morning) at the latest. After clarifying these basic liquor license management systems, unnecessary violations in the business process can be avoided, thereby avoiding the risk of suspension of liquor licenses. Some small bars have the most prosperous business at 1-2 o'clock in the evening, and the business that has been flat for a day suddenly becomes busy at this moment in the evening. Of course, happy shop owners don't want to miss this opportunity. As a result, the closing time may be extended intentionally or unintentionally. At this time, it is possible to be caught by patrol police or liquor inspectors, resulting in a yellow ticket or even revoking the liquor license. The resulting losses are far beyond what business can make up at this moment.

  Regarding business planning, bar and entertainment club plan, given that the current entertainment market is so competitive, the market mechanism management is relatively chaotic, which brings many disadvantages to investors. There is often a big difference between the ratio of investment and feedback. In order to improve management and highlight the advantages of their own bar, they can turn out to be the leader and occupy the market. Really achieve the uppermost among latecomers.

Part 1: Site Selection

The early site selection of a bar is also related and important, so how do you do the first step in the site selection? 1 Don't choose a place with high floors, the bar is best on the first and second floors. 2 The space of the bar (space high ) Degree 4 should be above 5 meters, it is best to be atmospheric, parking should be convenient 4, the geographical location should be reasonable, and don't cross the road first.

Part 2: Hardware

   As long as it is a commercial bar (except for themed bars), it is about class and fashion. The current trend of bar decoration tends to be three-dimensional dynamics, stage lighting and sound, high-end, basically in line with international standards. Of course, this depends on the investment budget of the investor. Just want to explain the importance of high grade. The design of the space between bars is particularly important, so it is directly related to the future operation of the bar and the pillars that control the atmosphere of the entire field.

  Lighting and sound, others said that the guests at the bar only need to grasp two points, the first is the eye, and the second is the ear. In terms of hardware, these two points represent lighting and sound respectively. So the important position of lighting and sound in hardware can be imagined. Lighting pays attention to trendy, unique and perfect installation design procedures to determine the sound-pay attention to brand and sound field positioning. Indoor effect lights, now commercial bars pay attention to the three-dimensional three-dimensional, what guests need is dynamic and stimulate the passion of on-site interaction, so the current bar decoration, indoor effect lights also accounted for part of the hardware advantages of diversified functions, early bars It's just that DISCO bars are moving towards multi-functionality. For example, your current bar is also multi-functional, and its advantages are self-evident (absorb more customer resources and upgrade yourself). The layout of the decoration and the stage design. The decoration and the layout must be clear and the layout distribution must be reasonable. Be sure to highlight the theme atmosphere of the bar. Stage design: It is a decoration highlight goal for the future development of the bar, and it is also the only place that attracts customers’ attention in terms of sight. Therefore, our stage design design must be trendy and unique. In this regard, we will seize the opportunity to discuss in person. .

The third part: software

   can be divided into: floor management and services, stage planning and production, marketing planning and preparation, advertising and visibility positioning, cost accounting and financial management, event planning. Floor management and service, employees are the cornerstone of an enterprise, and the quality of employees directly affects the success or failure of the company. Therefore, whether a place is successful or not, the software service is the most important and the most basic. How can we train the waiter to develop an excellent workforce? First of all, as a modern enterprise management, we must have a complete and advanced concept of management. .The management of grassroots personnel on the current floor is very different from before. As an enterprise, how to occupy the market and achieve corporate culture, so that employees can find their own positions in ordinary positions, and exert all their strength for the enterprise; first, Scientific management, achieve layer-by-layer management, clear division of labor, responsibilities to people, simplification of complex things, and refinement of simple things. Second, establish a complete and long-term incentive system management and divide employees into several levels. Achieve goal management, don’t be like the original enterprise eating a big pot of rice, to make the difference between good and bad, and the difference between new and old. This will give full play to the enthusiasm of employees. Third, we must establish a complete promotion system, an excellent The company has a first-class talent team. If we want to cultivate our own outstanding talent team, it must be clear to employees that they can show their own talents in the company. If you are an excellent waiter, don't you Do you just want to be a waiter all the time? I think that as long as you are motivated, you want to have the opportunity to be promoted.At this time, as a company, you must have a perfect promotion system to achieve long-term management of employees, so that talents will not be lost. After the reverse, the result is self-evident. Fourth, how to train the newly recruited waiters to be qualified? I think the most important thing is what the management (instructor) does. As the saying goes, there are no weak soldiers under a strong general. Management emphasizes proceduralization, institutionalization, and incentives. Only layer-by-layer management, with individual responsibilities, clear division of labor, everything follows the normalized route, plus usual guidance, inspections, and spurs. The management and service of the company will naturally improve. As long as guests can mention that the service of a certain place is really good, then the floor management and service of this bar will be successful.

Stage planning and production

  The stage production staff (casting staff) are divided into DJ, MC, tuner (lighting) VJ, singer, band, DS (lead dancer) plus event planning guests. DJ represents music and is also the soul of a slow rocking bar. Therefore, DJ's image, personal ability, song style positioning, and the atmosphere of the scene, and the ability to arrange songs are all critical. MC is now slowly rocking it. Female MC is commonly used, which is mainly to increase the highlights and add icing on the cake. The tuner, the sound positioning design, the distribution of the sound field, and the tuning of the sound quality, and the on-site performance of the lighting all play an important role. As I mentioned before, in order to satisfy the audience’s audio-visual viewing, DJs and tuner also create a place among the stage staff. According to the stage planning and positioning of Wenzhou bars, it is roughly: DJ, female MC, tuner, DS, plus guests throughout the entire During the business, the specific program arrangement will be determined according to the situation of the place.

Market positioning of the bar

   The early market positioning as a bar is very important. First, we need to understand the culture of the local bar, and in-depth understanding is beneficial to the positioning of the bar’s business form in the early stage; second, the positioning of the bar’s operating products, that is, the positioning of drinks, we need to understand the local consumption level, consumption Crowd, it is important to do a detailed market survey. When it comes to this, I want to talk more about my personal views. Many investment bosses think that my bar hardware is better than others in all aspects. Strong, but as the main product of a bar, external marketing is relevant and important. If your positioning is too high and the audience is limited, although all aspects are good, some consumer groups may have to be turned away. Positioning Too low, it seems that the grade of the enterprise is too low, so doing a meticulous high-level market survey and making a reasonable market positioning are necessary homework before opening.

   Marketing planning and preparation, as any enterprise department in a big city now, cannot do without marketing. Because companies, groups, companies, online companies (consumer online), etc. have all kinds of entertainment, they are also looking for consumer places to provide them with convenient, preferential and high-quality services. How to do it? There are now two marketing models and programs: monthly settlement discounts, and monthly settlement business discounts with group companies, enterprise-style organizations, etc. Of course, there must be a well-known enterprise or company. Sell ​​cash recharge cards, such as recharge 10,000 cash to get 2,000 yuan (consumption), etc., promote the sale before the opening of the venue, and promote the sales with shareholders and public relations.

Public Relations Marketing

   The marketing department is an important department for the vitality of the bar, and it is also a new force, so now the bar marketing department has become the top priority. The specific configuration is divided into: bar, bar girl, account manager, and public relations lady.

Part-time marketing

At present, the marketing management goal of the bar is to be all soldiers. All people play the role of marketing, such as waiters, managers, and cast members; male and female singers, male and female DS, DJ.MC, are the best marketing team in the bar. Guan Jian is how we use them to give full play to their personal advantages. Doing so can save money and mobilize employees’ enthusiasm for work. Of course, each location is different according to local conditions, but no matter which location, The boss of the company attaches great importance to the marketing department.


Early publicity is very important. If the publicity of a bar is not in place, the criterion for judging it is to carry out a complete set of advertising and publicity programs before opening, such as: establishing a website, setting up a large outdoor billboard, and a large shopping plaza. , The electronic screen advertisement of the park square, the car body advertisement, the text message platform, etc., and when decorating, it is also very important to decorate the outdoor first, which makes people feel like a storm.

The power of propaganda, interpersonal communication and word-of-mouth after the opening is the most practical and effective propaganda for bar propaganda. What we have to do is to do all the work in the place and give full play to the abilities of each staff member. There is a sentence in the bar. As the saying goes, from the service to the boss, they are the company's marketers and they all play the role of sales promotion. As long as everyone leaves a good first impression on the guests, this is the best live advertisement.

The usual publicity, such as planning various parties by doing programs, to promote, in a word, often appear, increase visibility, and form brand awareness. Therefore, no matter what kind of business is inseparable from publicity, the rapid development of bars is even more inseparable. opened. "Cost accounting and financial management 5 As the saying goes, a good professional manager does not mean that you should first look at how much money you make for the company, but first look at how much money he saves for the company. This explains the cost accounting. Importance, such as: food in the bar and kitchen, quantitative pricing, personnel control, and reasonable arrangements for stage production fees are all reflected in the cost accounting, as well as the professional level of procurement and market outlook, plus the budget for floor wear and tear. Control and financial management, no matter which company you are in, the finance must be managed with money regardless of accounts, and a formal financial system must be implemented.

Event planning, when the business model of a bar is positioned, the same procedures are followed every day, and event planning is to make people icing on the cake, giving people a feeling of ever-changing, unpredictable, mysterious and yearning. Planning must be in line with the international fashion frontier , With the high-grade and interactive scene atmosphere as the main body, to better show its own advantages, sincerely be different, and highlight the three major centers of "newness, strangeness and speciality".

Operational supervision

   Small bar operators must establish their own operating rules, and this rule must conform to the relevant legal system of the government and cannot conflict with it. For example, business hours should be strictly in accordance with 7:00Am-2:30Am; guests are not allowed to bring wine out for drinking; guests are not allowed to get drunk; food supplies must be guaranteed in the bar; in addition to complying with the relevant laws and regulations of the government, bar operations People must also formulate their own business rules based on their own characteristics, such as not agreeing to drink on credit; not agreeing to bring alcohol into a bar for drinking; not agreeing to take the wine to the basement to drink; not agreeing to sleep in a bar; not agreeing Drugs and drug trafficking, not agreeing to fight, and so on. Once these business rules are formulated, they should be strictly enforced and no exceptions should be made. Of course, this business rule should have a limited flexibility when implemented. For example, a guest who brings alcohol into a bar should first be warned and signaled not to be an example. If you find something similar again, you no longer agree to the guest entering the bar. Only in this way strictly and flexibly enforce your own bar rules, then a good bar business order will be formed.

customer request

   Customers in small bars generally have the following characteristics. Small bar customers are usually residents in the neighborhood near the bar; second, most customers of small bars are regular customers; third, bar guests are familiar with each other. Based on these characteristics, our bar operator should understand every guest who knows you, and be clear about his profession, interests, alcohol consumption, personality, temper, and even family situation, and provide services according to each guest's situation. Alcohol has the effect of stimulating nerves, and normal people will feel happy after drinking. It is very important to grasp the emotions and behaviors of every customer after drinking. In this way, we can not only serve every customer well, but also comply with relevant government laws and regulations, and avoid unnecessary violations.

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