6CH DMX 512 Signal Splitter

It has two-way dmx512-rdm protocol function, and light information can be fed back to Ma console and other lighting console with RDM function.
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6CH DMX 512 Signal Splitter
Product description


One input and six outputs;

Its output circuit adopts modular design.

You can match 3-core and 5-output modules as you like to build a building block. It is more convenient to use;
When the output module is damaged due to the impact of external large current, it is convenient to replace and handle on site.

The self-contained daughter and mother stickers are installed on the lamp frame, so a layer of safety protection measures are added for the field application;
Independent power supply is used for input and output, and each interface has independent protection circuit and photoelectric isolation measures to realize complete isolation of signal and electricity;
Silver metal 3-core or 5-core XLR seat is more durable.
Size; 0.86KG  11.5*17CM 







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