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Kinetic Ball Light X-K01: Stage Lighting with Dynamic Movement and Vibrant

Kinetic Ball Light X-K01: Stage Lighting with Dynamic Movement and Vibrant

(Summary description)Discover the Kinetic Ball Light X-K01, precise control with DMX512 and ArtNet, vivid RGBW colors, and efficient power consumption.

Kinetic Ball Light X-K01: Stage Lighting with Dynamic Movement and Vibrant

(Summary description)Discover the Kinetic Ball Light X-K01, precise control with DMX512 and ArtNet, vivid RGBW colors, and efficient power consumption.


A Revolution in Stage Lighting

The Kinetic Ball Light X-K01 represents a groundbreaking advancement in stage lighting technology, seamlessly blending dynamic movement with vibrant illumination. Engineered for versatility and performance, this innovative lighting solution is poised to transform how stage environments are designed and experienced.

Key Features and Specifications

Unmatched Flexibility with Lift Height and Speed

One of the standout features of the Kinetic Ball Light X-K01 is its lift height, ranging from 0 to 3 meters. This adjustable range provides extensive flexibility, allowing the light to be positioned optimally for various stage designs and artistic needs. Moreover, the lift height can be customized to suit specific requirements, ensuring that the X-K01 can be tailored to unique production demands.

The light’s movement speed, capped at 1 meter per second, ensures smooth and dynamic transitions. Whether you need slow, dramatic ascents or quick, energetic lifts, the Kinetic Ball Light X-K01 delivers consistent performance, enhancing the visual impact of any stage production.

Precision Control with DMX512 and ArtNet

Control is at the heart of any effective lighting system, and the Kinetic Ball Light X-K01 excels in this domain with its dual control methods: DMX512 and ArtNet. These industry-standard protocols allow for precise and intuitive manipulation of the light’s movements and colors. With 9 control channels, users have granular control over various aspects of the light, enabling intricate lighting designs that can be easily integrated into larger stage setups.

Robust Build and Versatile Installation

The Kinetic Ball Light X-K01 is built to withstand the rigors of professional stage environments. It features a maximum load capacity of ≤2KG, making it suitable for various applications without compromising safety or performance. The light source, SMD5050, is known for its reliability and brightness, ensuring consistent illumination throughout its operation.

Installation is straightforward with a vertical lifting method, and the product is designed to be user-friendly, allowing for quick setup and adjustments. The chassis, weighing 5.6 kg and measuring 236mm by 145mm by 440mm (with light hook), is compact yet sturdy, providing a stable foundation for the kinetic ball light.

Advanced Lighting Capabilities

Vivid RGB and RGBW Color Options

Color plays a crucial role in creating the desired atmosphere on stage. The Kinetic Ball Light X-K01 offers RGB and RGBW color options, allowing for a broad spectrum of hues and shades. This versatility enables designers to craft immersive and captivating visual experiences, aligning the lighting perfectly with the thematic elements of the performance.

Efficient Power Consumption and High Protection Level

Despite its powerful capabilities, the Kinetic Ball Light X-K01 is designed with energy efficiency in mind. It operates within a voltage range of AC90V-240V at 50-60HZ, with a power consumption of ≤100W. This efficiency ensures that the light can be used extensively without leading to exorbitant energy costs.

Additionally, the light features a protection level of IP33, making it suitable for indoor stage environments where protection against dust and water splashes is necessary. This durability extends the lifespan of the light, providing reliable performance across numerous productions.

Adaptability to Various Environments

The working environment for the Kinetic Ball Light X-K01 ranges from -10°C, ensuring functionality in diverse settings. Whether it’s a cold outdoor venue or a controlled indoor stage, this light is designed to perform reliably under different conditions.

Enhancing Stage Designs

Creative Potential with Kinetic Light

The concept of kinetic light, where illumination is combined with movement, opens new dimensions in stage design. The Kinetic Ball Light X-K01 exemplifies this by offering a dynamic lighting solution that moves and changes in sync with the performance. This capability allows for creating scenes that evolve, adding a layer of visual storytelling that static lights cannot achieve.

Seamless Integration with Stage Lights and X Light

When used in conjunction with other stage lights and X light systems, the Kinetic Ball Light X-K01 enhances the overall visual effect. It can be synchronized with other lighting elements to create cohesive and stunning light shows. This integration is particularly useful in large-scale productions where a unified lighting design is crucial for achieving the desired aesthetic impact.


The Kinetic Ball Light X-K01 is more than just a lighting fixture; it’s a powerful tool for artistic expression and stagecraft. With its versatile lift height, customizable features, and robust build, it stands out as a premier choice for stage designers seeking to push the boundaries of their craft. Its advanced control methods, vivid color options, and energy-efficient operation make it a valuable addition to any lighting setup, ensuring that every performance is illuminated to perfection.

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