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Training materials for employees in entertainment venues

Training materials for employees in entertainment venues

(Summary description)The lighting tuner is also called DJ, who is responsible for playing music songs and adjusting the lighting and sound. It is the soul of the audio control center.

Training materials for employees in entertainment venues

(Summary description)The lighting tuner is also called DJ, who is responsible for playing music songs and adjusting the lighting and sound. It is the soul of the audio control center.


Section 1 Master Control Room (Lighting, Sound, DJing)

1. Job responsibilities of lighting tuner:
The lighting tuner, also called DJ, is responsible for playing music and songs and adjusting the lighting and sound. It is the soul of the audio control center.
1. Have a high sense of responsibility and self-consciousness, serve the guests in everything, closely cooperate with the waiter's work, and guide the guests to spend a pleasant time.
2. Familiar with the use and maintenance of the audio and lighting equipment of the night-time audio control center.
3. Master the necessary reception skills and lighting skills.
4. All audio and lighting equipment, if there is any problem, immediately ask a dedicated person to check and repair it. Check all audio and lighting equipment every night after use.
5. Carefully use and keep video discs, video and audio tapes.
6. Maintain the sanitation of the sound control center.
7. Pay close attention to the trends of various popular songs and new songs.
8. Try to meet the requirements of the guests and play on-demand songs and dance music for the guests.
9. In principle, it is not acceptable to play video tapes and song discs brought by guests.
10. Strictly abide by the relevant rules and regulations of the night scene and assist in the security work of the night scene.

2. The working procedures and norms of the chief controller
(1) Before opening
1. Must come to the place of work one hour in advance to carry out the equipment adjustment and inspection work before the business.
2. Adjust all the audio equipment in the KTV private room to the best condition.
3. Check all the audio equipment in the KTV private room for damage or line failure;
4. When inspecting the KTV private room, if there is a line failure, check or make up immediately to keep it going smoothly.
5. When checking the KTV private room, if any equipment is found to be damaged, urgent repair is required. If parts need to be replaced and cannot be repaired before the business, immediately contact the supervisor and the customer department to make sure that the room has been booked and available. The room is well done.
6. If there are multiple devices in some rooms, it is necessary to carry out a technical extension, and if conditions permit, move those that can be removed to a room lacking equipment for emergency use.
7. Clean all the video and CD discs and keep the surface of the discs clean.
8. Clean the laser head of the DVD player with a cleaning disc to ensure that the laser head has a good ability to search for signals.
9. Clean the main control room and keep the main control room clean and tidy and all audio equipment clean and tidy.
(2) In operation
1. All employees must dress neatly at work, and those who have work clothes must wear work clothes.
2. You must stick to your job position when you work
3. Have a team spirit of mutual cooperation and unity, and assist other colleagues when doing their job well.
4. It is necessary to maintain the best mental state when working, and do the work well in the fastest, most accurate and stable way.
5. When a guest requests tuning, the staff in charge of tuning the audio should immediately adjust the audio.
6. When tuning for guests, in addition to meeting the requirements of the guests. It is also necessary to protect each channel of equipment in the normal operating range and not be damaged due to overload.
7. When serving guests, you must be polite, and you must explain the scope of services to the guests, so that the guests know what you need for them.
8. When there is a failure of the audio line during business, if the failure cannot be detected within a short period of time, remedial measures must be taken to restore the operation of the audio, and at the same time make a record, and conduct a detailed inspection when the guest leaves or after get off work. service.
9. When the audio equipment is suddenly damaged during business operation, immediately take out the equipment to the unbooked room and replace it, and explain the situation to the boss, and then the boss will take corresponding measures.
10. All employees must obey the boss's work arrangements, be loyal to their duties, unite colleagues, and be able to do their work well.
11. When attendants, DJ staff and staff who can pick up items (microphones, remote controls, etc.) pick up items, they must make detailed records for verification.
(3) After business
1. It is necessary to make a record of the number of equipment when leaving get off work, and take back all the equipment sent out.
2. When you leave work, you must check the fire protection work, turn off the power of all audio equipment, turn off the main switch, and turn off the lighting.
3. Every corner must be carefully checked to see if there are hidden dangers;
4. Only after confirming that there are no hidden dangers can you leave.
5. You must explain to your boss when you leave, get the consent of your boss, and lock the door.

Third, the night scene audio-visual system
Sing and dance halls and night scene audio-visual systems usually refer to three parts
1. Program source equipment, currently mainly computer automatic on-demand systems
2. AV amplifier, system control switching center
3. Audiovisual output equipment, mainly large-screen TVs and various special speaker amplifiers.

Fourth, the power amplifier understanding
①, POWER switch
Press this button to enter the power switch, and press it again to turn off the power.
②, MIC MASTER VOL microphone total volume
This button can be used to adjust the volume of all microphones, turning it to the right to increase the volume, and to the left to decrease the volume.
③KEY CONTROL control lift key
It is used to raise or lower the syllables of the accompaniment music in order to harmonize with your own singing voice. Each segment is 1/4 pitch and the center key is the standard key. It will automatically jump back to the standard key after changing the music or when the music is stopped for more than 4 seconds. .
④MUSIC VOLUME music volume
This button can adjust the volume of the music accompaniment part.
⑤MIC VOL Control microphone volume adjustment knob (1/A, 2/B, 3) When the output power of the five microphones is different, the volume of the five microphones can be adjusted separately.
1/A: Used to adjust the output volume of microphone 1/A.
2/B: Used to adjust the output volume of microphone 2/B.
3: Used to adjust the output volume of microphone 3.
⑥MIC BASS/TREBLE microphone sound quality control
These two controllers can be used to strengthen or weaken the treble or bass response ability of the microphone part, adjust BASS to the strength of the bass, and adjust the TREBLE to the strength of the treble.
⑦ECHO VOLUME echo intensity
This button can be used to adjust the microphone's echo intensity effect, turning it to the right for enhancement, and turning it to the left for reduction.
⑧MUSIC TONE BASS/TAEBLE music sound quality control
This controller can be used to strengthen or weaken the treble or bass response of the musical accompaniment part.
⑨BALANCE volume balance adjustment
This adjustment button can be used to adjust the volume balance of the left and right channels.
⑩Input signal selection
⑾MIC INPUT1, 2, 3 microphone input hole
Used to insert and pull the microphone 1.2.3. plug input signal.
(2) Power amplifier operation method
① Connect the power switch
②Insert the microphone.
③First press the function selection key to select the desired performance state.
Here is set to karaoke performance status.
④ Then adjust the music volume knob to the appropriate volume.
Then turn the microphone volume knob and microphone volume knob (1 or 2) to balance the volume of the song.
⑤Use the stereo volume adjustment knob to adjust the stereo effect.
⑥Adjust the scale (b/#) through the pitch control button.
After that, as long as you operate the music playback device, you can enjoy karaoke to your heart's content.

V. How to choose and use microphones correctly
1. Choose the windshield. The windshield can prevent noise. The large windshield is more effective than the small windshield. For microphones of the same price, try to choose cylindrical windshield or large windshield products.
2. Check the windproof material and sound head. Open the windshield and check whether the windproof material is a high-grade windproof sponge material; whether the sound head is firmly positioned, shock resistant, and shockproof.
3. Check the switch. During the audition, flip the handle switch several times to hear whether there is a "click" sound that accompanies the switch on and off. The smaller the sound, the better. We sincerely recommend the American SHURE microphones with high cost performance. Among them, BG2.0 and BG3.0, their singing effect is better than that of Hall K.
(2) Correct use of microphone
A. Please leave the microphone about 5-10cm away from your mouth.
B. In order to make the sound thick and clear, please keep the distance between the microphone head and the handheld part appropriately.
C. Please do not cover the window under the microphone with your hands. Otherwise, the bass may be too heavy or the true sound cannot be reproduced. In addition, it is easy to resonate.

Sixth, karaoke amplifier, audio recommendation
A. Recommended karaoke amplifiers: Taiwan Jinya, Denon, Marantz, Polyx, BNB, Bosch, etc.
B. Karaoke sound recommendation: BOY, Borsch, Mai KEEL, Shenglang, Yajia, Niigao, BOSE, BNB, etc.
C. Yamaha center speaker YAMAHA NS-C80 is made in Japan. It has a three-speaker unit system and outstanding sound performance. It is the first choice for mid-range center speakers.
D. Variety Dragon Karaoke Ring Speaker CELESTION KR1 is made in the UK, and the British professional karaoke speaker has surround sound and good sound performance.
E. KEF floor-standing speakers, KEFQ80 made in the UK, using KEF's famous UNI-Q coaxial speaker unit, with strong musical taste and first-class audio performance.

7. Matters needing attention during audio control operation:
1. Boot sequence: total power amplifier, treble power amplifier, bass power amplifier
Shutdown sequence: bass power amplifier tweeter power amplifier total power amplifier
2. When guests sing karaoke, be sure to turn off the bass amplifier.
3. The sound volume and microphone volume should not be too loud, or the singer's microphone should not be close to the speaker to prevent "flying wheat".
4. When the guests request to dance to Disco music, turn on the bass amplifier and turn off the wireless microphone receiver.
5. Moderately adjust the microphone volume and adjust the reverberation control (ECHO) knob to make the reverberation moderate.
When in use, the microphone must be far away from the speaker to prevent sound feedback from making a call. If the sound is reproduced by the TV, if the sound is unclear or the picture jumps when the volume is high, set the attenuator (ATT) switch on the rear panel of the video camera Stay “ON” every day, or turn down the microphone volume. When singing karaoke, if the microphone sound is smaller than the original song, firstly, because the microphone volume knob is too small, the microphone volume should be increased; secondly, the singing voice of the person holding the microphone or the distance between the person and the microphone is too far. Ask the singer to sing when pointing at the microphone and approaching.
6. The reverberation (ECOH) is over-adjusted and becomes an extremely unpleasant echo. Generally, the high-frequency (treble) reverberation time can be slightly longer, and the low-frequency (bass) is called attenuation. The female voice is longer and the male voice is shorter.
7. The accompaniment music is too loud, almost covering up the singing. Usually the ratio of singing volume to accompaniment volume is 5:3. If the accompaniment is dancing, the volume of the two is equal, or the singing volume is slightly lower.
8. The singer's mouth is too close to the microphone, causing the close-talking effect to be prominent, and the low-frequency response is excessively turbid and distorted.

Section 2 Performing Arts Program

1. Job Responsibilities of Program Director
1. Host the regular meeting of the staff of the program department to convey the work arrangements of the superiors.
2. Reasonably arrange the leave, rest, and other work conditions of actors, dancers, musicians (drummers, guitarists, piano players), and show hosts.
3. Strictly check the performance data of the singers and actors on the track.
4. Have the ability to sing or dance performance and be fully responsible for the planning, rehearsal and performance of night shows.
5. Strengthen the daily management and training of artists, continuously improve the performance level, and improve the viewing and entertainment of the program.
6. Earnestly listen to guest feedback and improve the novelty of the program.
7. It is forbidden to cooperate with various departments in performing pornographic or unhealthy or indecent performance activities.

2. The job responsibilities of the program host
1. Dignified appearance, warm and hospitable, cheerful personality, and social skills
2. It requires a wide range of knowledge, a thorough knowledge of the situation within the scope of one's own responsibilities, and a more comprehensive understanding of the equipment used, the singer's singing characteristics and the general situation of the guests.
3. Have strong language skills and ability to deal with unexpected situations; be able to actively coordinate and resolve conflicts between singers, waiters and customers.
4. Understand the stage common sense and have certain practical work experience, understand and be able to grasp the psychological changes of customers.
5. Familiar with the entertainment industry and possess certain performance skills.
In addition, the host of the show also has certain responsibilities in the ballroom entertainment:
A. Use time scientifically and arrange each performance in a planned way.
B. Make the opening and closing speeches so that the guests can have fun and entertain themselves.
C. Pay attention to the use of microphones by guests and reduce damage to the microphones.
D. Appropriate praise for the singing of guests at any time.

Section 3 Engineering Department

1. Responsibilities of the supervisor of the engineering department
1. Arrange employees to check whether electric equipment such as air conditioners are normal before opening every day.
2. Formulate job specifications, job responsibilities, operating specifications, equipment overhaul and maintenance systems.
3. Make various reports for the project (such as monthly reports on water charges, monthly reports on electricity charges, monthly reports on consumables, monthly reports on repairs and maintenance) and submit them to the General Office and the Finance Department. Grasp the law of energy consumption, and put forward the company's energy-saving opinions and measures.
4. Develop the department's work plan, major maintenance plan, spare parts purchase plan, and various construction plans, and be responsible for their implementation.
5. Cooperate with the planning department and the program department to do a good job in various decoration arrangements.
6. Formulate training plans, and regularly train subordinates on strong and weak current, facilities and equipment skills to improve their technical level.
7. Lead the staff of the department to carry out three-level repair, maintenance and safety prevention work on the company's decoration equipment, elevators, air conditioners, furniture and furniture, decorative lamps, floors, and sanitary appliances.
8. Carefully do a good job in the management of technical files and electrical maintenance contracts, supervise subordinates to do equipment maintenance, fault handling, spare parts replacement records, and organize and archive them every month.
9. Abide by the company's various rules and regulations, and earnestly complete other tasks assigned by superiors.

2. Electrician job responsibilities
1. Responsible for the installation, maintenance and protection of lines and waterways.
2. Responsible for the installation, maintenance and cleaning of electrical appliances.
3. Responsible for the installation, debugging, repair and maintenance of electronic equipment (such as TV, walkie-talkie, telephone system, monitoring system, etc.).
4. Responsible for the installation, repair and maintenance of sewer dredging, sofas, furniture, and office equipment.
5. Responsible for the inspection, replacement and maintenance of lamps.
6. Responsible for the production and installation of furniture cabinets.
7. Responsible for on-site operation and troubleshooting of air conditioners and elevators.
8. Responsible for the overhaul and maintenance of electrical equipment.
9. Responsible for the installation, repair and maintenance of dormitory related equipment.
10. Assist the planning department and program department in planning and layout.
11. Responsible for the maintenance, testing, recording and maintenance of power equipment.
12. Responsible for the equipment maintenance of the PA Department.
13. Strictly implement the lighting management system, and assist the engineering supervisor in troubleshooting if there is a failure during the shift.

3. Working procedures and specifications of engineering personnel
Day shift
1. Routinely inspect the common facilities of the whole venue including, halls, halls, lobby lighting equipment, furniture, sanitary facilities, water supply and drainage, ventilation systems and other infrastructures every day.
2. Conscientiously complete the on-duty record maintenance items one by one
3. Clean the electrical room, computer room, and material room regularly.
4. Do not leave the post, and be ready to take emergency repairs and maintenance tasks at any time.
5. Cooperate with the night shift staff to do a good job of handover.
Night shift
1. Actively inspect the operation of the power and power distribution facilities of the whole site at work, including the main power distribution cabinet of the air-conditioning host, the power control part, the electric heating equipment, the power distribution switch of the distribution box and other major facilities and make a work record.
2. Do a good job of power and lighting equipment switch work in accordance with the working process time.
3. Emergency repairs should be in place in time when failures occur during the business period, and the business should not be affected.
4. During the normal business period, the maintenance items that cannot be implemented must be truthfully recorded the next day to be repaired

5. Commonly used equipment for routine inspection of day shift personnel includes:
Lobby, lighting, decoration, tea machine, stools, etc.
Hall, lighting, decoration, air-conditioning vent grille, sofa, stool, coffee table, etc.
Halls, lighting, decorative lights, telephones, exhaust fans, televisions, sofas, doors, door locks, speaker stands, etc.
Toilet (bar): faucet, flush valve, exhaust fan, door lock, door, door lock, etc.

4. Equipment safety inspection system of the Engineering Department
In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and personal safety, the safety inspection of the equipment is regularly arranged every year and the inspection form is filled in.
1. Every quarter, conduct a comprehensive inspection of the room equipment in the club (club), including: bedside boxes and junction boxes, doorbells, lamps, wardrobes and their switches, room plugs, and sockets.
2. The kitchen environment is poor, with high humidity, high temperature and high dust. Therefore, special inspections should be carried out on kitchen electrical equipment. Safety inspections should be carried out every six months, including: whether the wiring of switches, sockets and equipment is firm, whether the zero protection line is reliable, and whether the wiring complete.
3. Coordinate with various departments every quarter to conduct safety inspections on KTV rooms and disco halls for performing arts; including: comprehensive inspection and maintenance of lights, electrical appliances, wiring, tables and chairs, etc.

V. On-duty system of the Engineering Department
1. The personnel on duty must stick to their posts, do not leave their posts without authorization, and regularly inspect the operation of the equipment according to the regulations. If they leave the duty room to inspect and read the meter, they should inform the personnel on duty;
2. Pay close attention to the operating status of the equipment, ensure that legs are frequent, sharp eyes, ears, hands are quick, and the brain is active, so as to find and deal with hidden dangers in time;
3. When the person on duty receives the maintenance report, he should promptly notify the relevant personnel to go to the repair;
4. When equipment failure is found and the staff on duty cannot handle it, it should be reported to the superior to organize and deal with it;
5. Xiaoye time is the weak link of duty, and all operation duty machine rooms should be on duty;
6. When personnel on duty need to be transferred due to special circumstances, they must report to the engineering supervisor for approval in advance.

Sixth, elevator safety operation regulations
1. When the elevator stops due to inspection or maintenance, it must be confirmed that there are no passengers in the bridge before stopping the elevator.
2. In the maintenance and construction, attention must be paid to the coordination and cooperation of the work. When people are working together, they must raise the voice before moving the ladder or stopping the ladder, and can operate after receiving an opposite response;
3. Perform maintenance on the top of the car. During maintenance work, in addition to identifying faults and debugging needs, fast driving is prohibited.
4. When going down the well, it is forbidden to close the hall door, and a notice board must be placed on the hall door to prevent irrelevant personnel from approaching.
5. When performing maintenance operations on the elevator hall door, use tools to cushion the door foot, and it is strictly forbidden to use a heavy hammer to avoid accidents;
6. At the end of the maintenance work, the site must be carefully cleaned up, tools and items must be counted, and not left behind.
7. When the elevator machine room and shaft are on fire due to work, they must observe the night scene hot fire regulations, obtain a hot fire certificate, designate a dedicated person to operate and monitor, and clean up the fire afterwards.

Seven, the work requirements of the maintenance personnel of the engineering department
1. Engineering maintenance personnel (referring to the employees of the engineering department on duty) are the same as other waiters, and their appearance must be checked by their superiors before going to work.
2. Before going to work every day, in addition to the normal processing of maintenance orders, planned maintenance, inspection and management must also be carried out to ensure that all equipment operates normally.
3. When operating, prepare tools and materials at any time. When you receive a repair call or walkie-talkie call, you should rush to the scene immediately, and first ask the reporter about the cause and phenomenon of the failure.
4. During work, adjust the walkie-talkie or communication tool to the best condition. If you are not dealing with the problem, you should wait in the duty room.
5. If you want to enter the guest's room, you must knock on the door politely. It is strictly forbidden to enter recklessly. Pay attention to your appearance and wear your badge.
6. After entering, you should greet the guests with a warm smile, explain their intentions, and ask the guests for their consent if necessary, and then deal with the reported problems.
7. When handling, you are not allowed to sit on stools, chairs, etc., and are not allowed to move any items of the guests without the consent of the guests.
8. When dealing with problems, do not chat with the staff on the spot, and do not affect the consumption of guests.
9. After the repairs are completed, you must conduct on-site debugging, and politely ask for the opinions of the guests, and clear the site with the waiter before leaving.
10. Conscientiously complete the registration of consumable materials. And recycle and manage the replacement items. Write carefully an accident report that has a certain impact.

8. Personal and Environmental Sanitation Management Regulations of the Engineering Department
1. Work clothes must be tidy and brand-name must be worn correctly every day;
2. The duty room must be sent for sanitation every day, and all maintenance parts, equipment, tools, files, pending maintenance orders, processed maintenance orders, etc. must be arranged in an orderly manner. Parts, equipment, accessories, etc. should be placed in categories and names.
3. There should be no water, dirt and debris in the space and ground of duty rooms, computer rooms, and central air-conditioning rooms.
4. No smoking, throwing cigarette butts, playing with fire, etc. in non-smoking areas such as computer rooms and central air conditioners, and no explosives such as alcohol are allowed
5. In the computer room, keep the computer room and equipment sanitary, and clean the site immediately after work every day. There should be no oil, water, air leakage, dust, etc., and the entire computer room and equipment should be cleaned once a week.
6. When handing over the shift, if the environmental sanitation stipulated at work has not been taken care of, it can be presented in person or reported upward.

9. Safety and fire prevention management regulations of the Engineering Department
1. According to the electrician operation regulations, electricians, air conditioners, elevator workers, electric welders, home appliance repairers, DJ repairers, etc. should have a qualified post certificate before they can work.
2. The personnel of each post must strictly guard their posts. In addition to being responsible for the safe operation of the equipment, they must conduct safety inspections on all their equipment. The head of the engineering department must supervise and inspect at all times.
3. Except for superiors and inspections, employees are prohibited from entering the electrical room, computer room, power distribution room, water pump room and other places without the permission of the engineering department.
4. It is strictly forbidden for all entrants to bring fire and flammable and explosive materials into the machine room, oil depot and other easily accessible places. “No smoking” and other related signs should be displayed in the equipment rooms of the project;
5. The equipment rooms of the project are not allowed to arbitrarily prepare keys.
6. All tools, materials, accessories, appliances, etc. of the engineering department shall be strictly controlled and managed to ensure that there are accounts for checking in and out.
7. During maintenance work, if flammable materials or hot work (such as electric welding) are required, fire prevention measures should be eliminated as much as possible before construction. After completion, check carefully and confirm that there is no fire before leaving.
8. It is not allowed to move the fire-fighting facilities at will. If the fire-fighting facilities are damaged, they must be dealt with immediately and reported to the Security Department.
9. In the event of a fire, the engineering department must ensure that the water supply or power supply or power failure is closed, and the pressure of the fire water pump and the smoke exhaust fan must operate normally. And carry out fire fighting in accordance with its own fire protection regulations.

X. General procedures for engineering maintenance of the Engineering Department
1. The project maintenance order is placed by the department manager or above, and the "maintenance order" is in triplicate;
2. When placing an order, it is necessary to write "items to be repaired, the department that placed the order, the signature of the person who placed the order, date, and time", and submit it directly to the engineering department;
3. When the engineering department receives the order, write "signature, date, time" and work according to the order. After completing the task, the person who placed the order will sign in the item of "acceptance signature", write "time, date", one The joint engineering department keeps it, one department orders the department, and the other joint finance department checks the maintenance order and reimburses the maintenance fee;
4. The head of the engineering department inspects each area every day, and finds that there is a need for maintenance, immediately fill in the maintenance form and submit a copy to the administrative manager to sign above for it to take effect;
5. Major repairs must be ordered by the vice president or above;
6. If the maintenance department cannot complete the task due to some special reasons, the reason shall be indicated on the red list and the deputy general manager or general manager shall be notified. If it cannot be handled, it shall be submitted to the board of directors.

Section 4 Computer Room

1. Job Responsibilities of Computer Technicians
1. Responsible for the installation, debugging, repair, maintenance and management of the VOD system and monitoring system.
2. Produce Chinese and foreign song libraries to ensure that the image is clear and undistorted, the background is right, and the original version is authentic.
3. Cooperate with the art designer of the planning department to produce, transform and modify various TV and projection marketing advertisements.
4. According to the company's needs, create a functional section of the viewpoint system.
5. Quickly deal with computer crashes and other malfunctions during business operations.
6. Strictly implement safety measures and do a good job in daily cleaning and sanitation.
7. Train staff on the floor to order songs on the computer and the correct operation of placing orders.
8. Master the use numbers of the production staff of each terminal, and control the operation passwords of each function.

2. Work Service Process of Computer Department
(1) Before opening
1. Arrive at the work place one hour in advance for computer testing and inspection before business.
2. Adjust all KT private rooms, cash register systems, production department, everything and printers to their best operating conditions.
3. Load new songs and new Disco music into the computer system in time. Increase song library songs.
4. When checking the computer in the KTV private room, it is found that the main display of the computer has a line failure, and it is necessary to check and repair it immediately.
5. When checking the KTV private room, it is found that there is a computer host or the network is in an abnormal state. It cannot be repaired immediately, or parts need to be replaced. Please notify the floor or client immediately.
(2) In operation
1. At work, computer technicians must dress neatly and wear work permits.
2. You must stick to your job position at work. When you eat Xiaoyeye, you must handover and coordinate with the staff.
3. If there is a problem or poor operation of the computer system of each department during the business, you should rush to repair it immediately after receiving the notice to keep the business normal.
4. When serving guests, you must be patient and conscientious, explain the scope of services to the guests, and let the guests know that you are serving them.
5. When entering the KTV private room to debug the computer, you should greet the guest politely, and you must not knock on the door and go straight to the guest room to disturb the guest Yaxing.
(3) After business
1. Clean up the sanitary condition of the computer room.
2. Check whether the working tools in the computer room are in good condition, and make a record of the content of the second maintenance, or write a work report.
3. Turn off all power supplies in the computer room. You can leave work only after the supervisor agrees.

3. The operation of the computer ordering and ordering system
(1) Introduction of remote controllers for computer song and order placement
①Function keys
Call-pick up this button, the service light in front of the door will be on, indicating that the room needs service.
Resing-means to replay the current song.
Stop singing—means to stop playing the current song, and the computer will automatically play the next song.
Original/Backing vocals—means adding or deleting the original sound
Delete song-means delete the selected song
Main screen-indicates the main menu of the display screen
Songs that have been ordered-songs that have been ordered
Priority—Play the selected song first
Previous Page, Next Page—Use this key to browse the computer song library songs or place orders
ESC (return key)-means to return to the upper level or current directory
(Confirmed)—means that the input content has been confirmed
②Number keys-0-9 indicate that these keys can be used for on-demand or service content.
(2) Introduction to the main menu of the computer display screen: (install or debug as needed)
Style—Expression①Birthday song②Revolutionary song③Nostalgia④Xiqu⑤Disco⑥festival⑦Pop song⑧Children⑨Theme song
Numbers—indicating ①one-character song②two-character song③three-character song④four-character song etc.
Pinyin-Table use Pinyin to order songs ①A②B③C④D and other 26 English letters
Singer—means ①male singer②female singer③band (among which male singer jumped into ①mainland②Hongkong③Taiwan④Europe and the United States
Popular chorus—means the most popular chorus songs in the market
Ranking List—represents the latest ranking of current market songs
Cinema—represents some movie tracks
Information—indicating online service functions ①Football schedule ②Fitting schedule analysis ③On-site score ④Database ⑤Odds

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