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Application of computer lighting

Application of computer lighting

(Summary description)Lighting is an indispensable part of architecture. Not only lighting can create an atmosphere, happiness or sadness, but also can be used as a background place for advertising and the artistic features of the building itself emphasized in the meaning of traditional lighting.

Application of computer lighting

(Summary description)Lighting is an indispensable part of architecture. Not only lighting can create an atmosphere, happiness or sadness, but also can be used as a background place for advertising and the artistic features of the building itself emphasized in the meaning of traditional lighting.


Lighting is an indispensable part of architecture. Not only lighting can create an atmosphere, happiness or sadness, but also can be used as a background place for advertising and the artistic features of the building itself emphasized in the meaning of traditional lighting.

Architecture and lighting are inseparable. Just like a feeling conveyed by music, modern computer lighting uses more abundant color, pattern, graphic, luminosity, etc. changes to attach the life characteristics of the building from a visual perspective.

Modern architectural design has taken the lighting part as an indispensable link in the overall design of the building, but when designing, designers still habitually choose traditional lighting methods, such as sodium lamps, while ignoring the application of modern computer lighting technology. The richness of lighting effect production is far less than the latter, and it does not have real-time control and two-dimensional or more spatial effects.

Of course, traditional lighting fixtures will continue to occupy a place in architectural lighting, but modern computer lighting can use the lighting effects of theaters and performances for architectural lighting, so the effect of lighting changes is endless and the strong modern characteristics are Unmatched by traditional lighting fixtures.

When it comes to architectural lighting, many people immediately think of outdoor lighting, but in fact architectural lighting also includes many other applications.

(1) The store uses lighting lights to illuminate related products, and this is what traditional lighting fixtures can do. But computer lighting can arouse the viewer's interest through the diversity of lighting effects. Also, for example, when a new product is on the market, you can also use advertising lights (a type of computer light) to enhance the awareness of the new product. Its 35MM slide is installed in a built-in rotating wheel, the pattern can be rotated, and the focus can be remotely controlled. Wait to arouse consumer interest. Some advertising lights can also provide multiple slides to load, which is easy and fast to use (the replacement of slides only takes a few seconds), and the promotion cost is far lower than the cost of printed matter or advertising logo printing. However, the slide has its shortcomings. Because the temperature resistance time of the acetate-based component can only last for up to 6 months, if a promotional activity has a long time, it is recommended to invest in a product called a glass pattern sheet. Although the price is relatively high compared to the slide, the service life is no Restricted (if the operation is correct). Don't worry about the cooling of the lamps. Optical fiber is also a good choice for use in shops. On the one hand, it can form various interesting graphics due to its flexibility. On the other hand, it has intelligent functions that can be programmed to have a rich variety of effects. If it can be used to outline the stairs in the store, it can play a role in lighting on the one hand; on the other hand, it is very safe. There will be no leakage problems. In addition, it will not be damaged by pointed instruments, which is also a problem that is prone to "Tivoli" type products. Some fiber products are prone to different levels of leakage problems under high voltage conditions. Neon lights do not have this problem due to their own high voltage control. Therefore, the technical cooperation between fiber and neon lights can be used for indication or Make and identify the background light source. The display of window displays is increasingly pursuing creativity to emphasize the uniqueness of the store. The rich color changes of computer lights can provide richer colors for the display, and make it unique.

(2) Automobile display The current automobile manufacturers expect the market positioning of their products to reflect "high-tech" and "cutting edge", so they use more multimedia or stage lighting effects during display to create a distinctive atmosphere.

(3) Entertainment venues Entertainment venues do not only refer to disco ballrooms. Although the widespread application of computer light technology first began with disco, other entertainment venues such as bars, banquet halls, bowling alleys, and even churches can use computer lighting. technology.

(4) The application of bar computer lighting in the bar is more to create a comfortable atmosphere through color changes. For example, the light in the early days is bright, and the light in the evening uses a darker color, which is closed. At that time, the lights will all be on. Optical fiber is also widely used in computer lamps in bars, such as to outline steps to take into account the safety of customers, or to create a soft wash light effect under the bar. Other applications include the use of end-point light-emitting fibers to create a starry night sky effect on the top of the bar. The projection of gobos can also make signs.

(5) Theme parks Theme parks are currently the most popular entertainment venues in the world, and are also the places where lighting effects are most used. Whether it is traditional lighting fixtures or modern computer lighting fixtures, the latter has advantages in its two-dimensional or more space compared with the former. Effect production, as well as lighting programming and real-time control.

(6) Hotel conference halls At present, computer lighting is increasingly used in hotel banquet halls. The chandelier used in traditional banquet halls lacks a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere because of its brightness and flashiness. For meetings rather than banquets. The diversity of banquet table setting methods. For example, one or several small banquet halls are often merged into a larger banquet hall to meet the needs of more guests. This kind of variability in venues is a headache for traditional lamps. Such as the problem of lamp position, the problem of adjusting the projection direction and so on. In addition, some special situations such as fashion shows, wedding celebrations, etc., all have high requirements for chasing light. In addition, compared with traditional lamps, computer lights have a wider range of colors, which can create softer lighting effects, make food look more attractive, or make people feel more relaxed. Of course, computer lights can be used to project the company's Peugeot at company meetings.

(7) Baoling Arena The application of computer lights in the European Baoling Arena is also more and more popular with the owners. Some creative lighting designers have been thinking about new applications of computer lights. For example, when people enjoy the joy of success, there is more fun, when the customer plays a grand slam, the computer lights on the corresponding fairway will change accordingly. Make people more enjoy the fun of sports itself, not just competition.

(8) Churches Computer lights have been used for wedding celebrations in Japanese churches for many years. In addition, for example, the pastor in the gospel church needs a special lighting atmosphere, especially the application of the light-following system, in order to better communicate with the worshipers emotionally during worship. The application of computer lighting makes the activities in the church full of vitality and modernity. Hindu also arranges a lighting demonstration day every year. The lighting is also richer in personality due to the architecture and atmosphere of the church. I hope the above examples have well illustrated the wide range of architectural lighting applications. Only in the historical level, lighting and architecture, and architecture and music exist separately, while in the modern level, lighting, architecture, and music are integrated and inseparable. From the perspective of building materials and architectural style design, modern buildings are easier to match the display of lighting, but there are still some shortcomings and improvements, such as the color of the building itself, the building platform, etc., may affect the actual lighting effect; but The application of the glass pattern sheet in the computer lamp has solved the obvious color temperature change caused by the color change.

(9) Tower building Tower building can be said to provide a better entertainment place for lighting designers. Due to the structural characteristics of the tower building itself, there are many possibilities for the installation of computer lights. In addition, the computer lights can be controlled by the light. It can also show different lighting effects according to the season, date, and time, bringing life to the tower building.

(10) Roads and bridges are another place where lighting designers prefer to charge, but there are some specialities in the way of lighting. For example, lighting is mostly applied to the pillars, and the scanning effect of computer lights is limited to prevent traffic problems. The perfect lighting design can make the bridge itself an indicator to the sea, and the combination of light and water has endless effects. When it comes to water, lighting designers will immediately think of another place-fountain. The lighting engineer uses the fountain as the water curtain to project the light to create a wealth of color, movement, and pattern changes. The lighting effects of fountains are always an endless source of art for lighting designers. There are many applications of architectural lighting. In a nutshell, the scope of application of computer lighting is very wide. It is also value for money, if the owner wants his own building and display to be different.

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