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Bar design-front bar and back bar

Bar design-front bar and back bar

(Summary description)The bar is divided into two parts: the front bar and the back bar: the front bar is mostly high and low counters, consisting of a dining table for customers and an operating table for wine matching; the back bar is composed of wine cabinets, decorative cabinets, and refrigerated cabinets.

Bar design-front bar and back bar

(Summary description)The bar is divided into two parts: the front bar and the back bar: the front bar is mostly high and low counters, consisting of a dining table for customers and an operating table for wine matching; the back bar is composed of wine cabinets, decorative cabinets, and refrigerated cabinets.


The bar is divided into two parts: the front bar and the back bar: the front bar is mostly high and low counters, consisting of a dining table for customers and an operating table for wine matching; the back bar is composed of wine cabinets, decorative cabinets, and refrigerated cabinets.

As a complete set of bar equipment, the front bar should include the following equipment: wine bottle racks for the bar, three-compartment sink or automatic glass washing machine, sink, accessories tray, ice storage tank, beer dispenser, beverage dispenser , Empty bottle racks and trash cans, etc. The back bar should include the following equipment: cash register, bottle wine storage cabinet, bottle wine, beverage display cabinet, wine, beer refrigerator, beverage, ingredients, fruit decoration refrigerator and ice machine, wine glass storage cabinet, etc.

 The service distance between the front bar and the back bar should not be less than 950MM, but it should not be too large. The distance between two people is appropriate. The refrigerated cabinet should be retracted properly during installation, so that the door of these devices will not affect the movement of the waiter after the door is opened. The floor of the aisle should be covered with plastic partitions or strip-shaped wooden racks, and rubber pads should be partially laid for waterproof and anti-skid. This can also reduce the fatigue caused by the waiter standing for a long time.

 The design points of the back bar: In addition to the aforementioned bar, which is the front bar, the design of the back bar is also very important. Since the back bar focuses the attention of customers, it is also the essence of the store decoration, which needs to be handled carefully. First, the back bar should be divided into upper and lower parts for consideration. The upper part is not used for practical arrangement, but as a place for decoration and free design; the lower part is generally set up with cabinets, and cups and wine bottles can be placed in places where customers cannot see. The lower cabinet is preferably 400-600cm wide, so that more items can be stored to meet practical requirements.

Three considerations for bar stool design

A. The bar stool surface and the bar counter surface should be kept at a drop of about 0.25M. When the countertop is higher, the corresponding bar stool surface is also higher.

B. At the lower end of the stool and the bar, there should be poles supporting the feet, such as steel pipes, stainless steel pipes or step stools.

C. A taller bar stool should choose a form with a backrest, which will make it more comfortable to sit on.

Bar kitchen design

The kitchen design of bar is different from the kitchen design of general restaurants. Usually, the bar mainly serves alcoholic beverages. Add simple cooked dim sum, so 10% of the kitchen area is enough. There are also some small bars, where kitchens are not set up separately, and the workplaces are all solved in the bar. Because of the realization of direct contact with customers, it is necessary to pay attention to the work place to be very tidy and to make the operation relatively hidden.

 The size of the bar area is related to the area of ​​the bar and the scope of services. In addition, arranging a few staff in a narrow bar is a key factor in determining the size of the work space. The space layout should be as compact as possible on the premise of meeting the functional requirements. When arranging kitchen facilities, attention should be paid to making the operators face the customers when they work, so as to create a cordial visual and psychological effect for the customers. When facing customers, the staff can easily grasp the needs of customers in a timely manner, which is conducive to improving service quality.

Bar lighting

The lighting intensity in the bar should be moderate. The work area and display part behind the bar require high local lighting to attract people's attention and facilitate operation (illuminance is 0-320lx). Light troughs can be set up under the bar to the surrounding ground Illumination gives people a sense of stability, and the indoor environment should be dark, so that lighting can be used to create interest to create different personalities. As the visual center of the entire bar, the bar counter has high requirements. In addition to the operating lighting, it must fully display various wines and wine vessels, as well as the elegant and skillful wine matching performances by the bartender, so that customers can get a vision during the rest. Satisfaction, linger in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

 The main table lighting is highlighted in the bar, so that the people around the table are only vaguely discernible. The public aisle in the center of the bar should still have better lighting, especially in the part with a height difference, floor lights should be added to highlight the steps.

Common methods of bar neon design:

1. Combination: material, image, material, order, and re-spliced ​​lights.
2. Gradient: gradation of shape, size, thickness, shape, direction, light color, height, structure, etc.
3. Simplification: Turn the whole into pieces, and change the complexity into simplicity.
4. Adding: adding content, form, size; adding times, length, density, etc.
5. Scattering and reconstruction: structure, color, line, image, material, etc., and then recombine.
6. Reversal: Reversal of position, reversed combination, reversed material, reversed primary and secondary, reversed internal and external, reversed form, reversed steps, reversed image, etc.
7. Straightforward expression: Directly look for factors that are relatively similar to the design from the natural world and man-made objects to make a one-way application of expressive graphic language, which conveys visual information more directly, and has the characteristics of intuitive expression.
8. Anthropomorphism: The neon lights of the bar are anthropomorphized to give them sensual colors.
9. Symbol: Make abstract and three-dimensional analogy with the help of things and images or symbols.
10. Synthesis: Eliminate the complicated superficial phenomenon between image and image, find out the internal analogy between them, and pay attention to the expression of "meaning".
Four special bar lighting

 Iron art lamp: In the nostalgic style bar, the exquisite iron art lamp holder is full of retro articles. It is the best equipment for the shape of a lit candle and the "tassel" shaped decorated iron lamp made of crystal glass. However, because the design of the lamp holder is too delicate, there is little room for energy-saving lamps. The pursuit of energy saving and beautiful decoration is just There is a dilemma. This kind of wrought iron lamp is hand-carved and colored, making each lamp face the possibility of limited production, and the price is relatively high. It is worth noting that many businesses clearly stated that wrought iron lamps are only similar in shape to wrought iron. In fact, their The lamps are all made of zinc alloy. The newly launched lanterns, which are very similar in shape to flower branches, are also decorated with iron art lamps. Because of their style, they are really favored by many consumers. It is recommended to buy those with a delicate touch and good flexibility. If it is a large hanging wall lamp, the weight must also be considered. Some lanterns weigh up to 5 kg. Non-load-bearing walls can be difficult to install.

 Rattan lamp: This lamp is suitable for country-style bars. It is made of natural rattan through a special process and cannot be broken unless it can be cut with a sharp tool. It has been specially treated in terms of water discharge and dust prevention. It is usually dusted and rinsed with water when it is firmly attached. There are no small cracks on the surface due to gravity, and it seems to be coated with a water-repellent film. This kind of lamp can be adjusted according to actual needs, and its modeling is also very easy.

Crystal lamp: The star-like crystal always makes the bar space permeated with a romantic atmosphere, which is unmatched by other lighting fixtures. The exquisite craftsmanship of crystal lamps and the adoption of new technologies have given people a new understanding of lighting methods. Crystals are like diamonds. The main factors of origin and purity of ornamental price difference can only be judged by the very perceptual method of crispness and transparency in the current chaotic market. The newly invented unique lighting method and perfect lighting system compatible with the optical performance of crystals combine the advantages of fiber optic lighting with the optical characteristics of crystals, making it a high-tech product of the 21st century.

Stainless steel lamp: It is a lamp with stainless steel as the main material. It is easy to shape and easy to color. The cold taste can create a post-modern feel to the bar. This kind of lamp is a "look product", like it is the only selection rule, and the price also follows the design.

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