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Introduction of stage lighting positions and their functions

Introduction of stage lighting positions and their functions

(Summary description)

Introduction of stage lighting positions and their functions

(Summary description)

Serial number Name Definition Device and purpose With lamps
1 Surface Installed outside the stage curtain, the lights on the top of the auditorium include the first and second surface lights, the rear floor surface lights, the central spotlights, etc. It also has a similar effect. Face light is indispensable in the stage. It is mainly used in the performance area at the front of the stage (such as 8-10m behind the curtain line) for character modeling or to form a three-dimensional effect of objects on the stage. Multi-purpose spotlights, adjustable focal length and aperture, few return lights, and the possibility of installing follow-up lights.
2 Side light Part of the lamps installed on the two wings of the auditorium on the upper floor of the theater, the light is cast from both sides to the performance area in front of the stage As a supplement to the surface gloss Same side light
3 Slap in the face It is divided into left and right slaps, and installed on the left and right sides of the stage curtain near the proscenium, and the light is cast into the stage performance area from the side. Similar to the surface light, it crosses into the center of the stage performance area to enhance the three-dimensional sense of the stage scenery, props and characters. It is an indispensable light on the stage, especially as a chasing light for dance, which flows with the actors. The slap should be able to hit every part of the stage. Spotlight, back light
4 Top light The spotlights on the top of the big screen are generally installed on a suspension bridge that can be raised and lowered, and can also be installed on a boom. They are mainly projected in the middle and rear performance area. They are installed in order from the front canopy to the back: one top light, two Top light, three top lights, four top lights; It is projected in the middle and rear performance area, installed on the pipe with a clamp, and positioned at the desired location. It can also be hung on a boom (such as a tracking mechanism). It is mainly used for occasions that require strong lighting from the upper part. It can be projected from the front, upper and back steps respectively, and the direction, light beam, and aperture can be determined according to different time requirements. spotlight
5 Top row light The row of lights on the upper part of the stage is installed on the boom behind each canopy to form a row of lights, which becomes a row of lights, two rows of lights, three rows of lights, etc. Evenly illuminate the entire stage for the performance area or setting. In order to make the lighting evenly arranged, a certain distance should be kept between it and the overhead light. This is an indispensable stage light, which is needed for meetings, reports, and performances. Generally, the theater is equipped with 3-4 rows, and the extra-deep stage can add 1-2 rows. floodlight
6 Column light The lamps on both sides of the stage curtain are installed on the "telescopic movable platform" or on the vertical iron frame, and the light is cast into the performance area from the inside of the stage. It can be called the second pillar light, the third pillar light and so on in order. Also called ladder light, inner light, and inner ear light. Make up for lack of face shine and slap in the face. Its function is similar to the former two, it can be used for changing color film or chasing light The projection distance of the lamp is relatively short, and the power is small. Generally, spotlights are used, but a small amount of soft lights can also be used
7 Bare feet The light bar installed on the lip of the outer stage of the big screen. The light is projected upward from the table to the face of the actor or the lower part of the curtain after the lighting closes It can make up for the steep surface light and eliminate the shadows under the nose. It can also enhance the cast of artistic modeling for the actors according to the needs of the plot to make up for the lack of top light and side light. When the curtain closes, it is projected to the bottom of the big screen, and the color of the big screen can also be changed by the color light; the song and dance drama can be used to illuminate the actor's lower body clothing and feet to enhance the effect Rows of lamps with spherical, parabolic or ellipsoidal reflectors illuminate uniformly. Power is 60-100W or 200W
8 Side light In the lights installed on the flyovers on both sides of the stage cast light onto the stage from high places on both sides. The order of the flyover from low to high is called one side light, two side light, three side light, and it is divided into left side light and right side light. Sometimes it is also called bridge light. Auxiliary lighting to illuminate the face of the actor, and to enhance the level of the scene Spotlight
9 Tian Paiguang Installed on the suspender on the upper part of the stage in front of the canopy, it is a light fixture specially used to shoot down the canopy Used for sky background lighting, set on a special sky curtain top light bridge, generally 2-6m from the horizontal distance of the sky curtain, because it is required to have sufficient brightness for sky background, the light The power is relatively large, the light color changes (4-6 colors), the number of color-specific circuits is large, and the lighting requirements are parallel and uniform. Can be installed in one row or two rows, the row can also be divided into upper and lower layers Floodlights require uniform lighting and the largest possible projection angle
10 Ground discharge Set on the front panel of the canopy, or in a special trench, it is a lighting fixture that shoots the canopy. If the canopy is made of plastic, the lamps can also be placed on the ground behind the canopy to be backlit A row of lamps are evenly placed on the floor behind the stage or installed in the floor groove, 1-2m away from the sky curtain. Used to express the horizon, horizontal lines, mountains, sunrise, sunset, etc. Use land row lighting between the sky and the horizon (horizontal line) to show the effect of “infinite distance” Flood lighting, such as day, night, morning, dusk, four seasons, cloud changes, etc., should also use cloud lights, effect lights, slide lights, etc. to illuminate the sky from the bottom
11 Mobile light refers to a lamp placed on the table with a lamp holder, which can flow at any time Located at the side curtain of the stage flanks, the purpose is to enhance the atmosphere, and its angle can be temporarily adjusted. The lamp is about 2m high and generally has a higher power. Shine the actors from the side, just like sunlight. Therefore, it is necessary to set a certain number of bolts at the side curtains on both sides of the stage, install them in the stage floor, and stamp them. Use spotlights, return lights, soft lights, etc.

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